I dig it~

Many days start in the garden, and I'm not afraid to roll up my sleeves, dig into the details and stay with a project until it's grown through to maturity. 


So whether I'm growing dinner plate dahlias, zinnias or  Cascade hops (they're a great climbing ornamental) or interviewing a CEO, orthopedic surgeon, the next manufacturing innovator, or writing your next blog post, you'll get my full attention and we'll tell your story.


I've spent over 30 years in the publishing industry and done just about every job (except book binding). I know the process, and it never gets old. 

A little more about me-

I won an essay contest in the second grade about a robin's babies, nesting in the fire thorn bush. I've been gardening and writing since I was a kid. 

Turns out, gardening and writing aren’t that different, after all.

I've interviewed countless people from all industries - government, education, doctors and lawyers, screen printers and embroiderers, bankers, rock stars, artists and opera divas. I know how to listen. The best compliment a client can give me is, "You made my life easier, and you get what I'm doing."